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Budget proposed '14-'15 BOE present 05-12-14.pdfBudget proposed '14-'15 BOE present 05-12-14No presence informationWillms, Terri
Retired Scholarship Guidelines and Application 2013.pdfRetired Scholarship Guidelines and Application 2013No presence informationWillms, Terri
Retired Scholarship Guidelines and Application 2013.docRetired Scholarship Guidelines and Application 2013No presence informationWillms, Terri
Financial Update 02-17-14 BOE.pdfFinancial Update 02-17-14 BOENo presence informationWillms, Terri
Quarterly Report 01-07-14 County.pdfQuarterly Report 01-07-14 CountyNo presence informationWillms, Terri
Burke County Public Schools 6-30-13 audit final.pdfBurke County Public Schools 6-30-13 audit finalNo presence informationWillms, Terri
NCs New Budget for Public Schools v5.pdfNCs New Budget for Public Schools v5No presence informationWillms, Terri
Budget 13-14 by Purpose Function.pdfBudget 13-14 by Purpose FunctionNo presence informationWillms, Terri
Budget 2013-2014 Final Approved.pdfBudget 2013-2014 Final ApprovedNo presence informationWillms, Terri
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During our recent financial monitoring visit from DPI a very important matter was brought to our attention in regards to meal reimbursements. When state, federal or grant funds are being utilized to reimburse for meals, the original itemized receipt should be submitted as proof for reimbursement. Without a detailed receipt we have no proof that what is being reimbursed truly qualifies as a legitimate expenditure. For instance, a receipt from a restaurant that simply has a total could contain items not reimbursable, such as alcohol. State or federal auditors could require us to repay any reimbursements that do not detail what the receipt is for.

Effective immediately, we will require all submissions for meals/food reimbursements to be an original, itemized/detailed receipt. If an original detailed receipt is not included with the request for reimbursement it will be denied. Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable. 

Your cooperation and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.​  Thank you.

Keith Lawson, Finance Officer
January 2014

 Retirement Info

Annual Retirement Benefits Guide 2013.pdf
4/17/2013 12:09 PM
Annual Retirement Post.pdf
4/17/2013 12:09 PM

 New Online Payment System


From Keith Lawson, Finance Officer:  This is our new online payment system. Initially we are only accepting donations as a pilot to make certain we don’t encounter any issues. Soon the availability to contribute to the new Student athletic fee will be available. As we get comfortable with the process the offerings will be expanded. 

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