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Board of Education

Hints for Students and Parents for a Successful School Year


1) Student attendance is one of the most important factors to improve learning. Attendance on the first day and you are on your way to perfect attendance. Any student who has 98% or higher student attendance for the entire year should do well.

2) Be on time, being tardy cuts into learning time. Employers expect their employees to be on time, so do teachers.

3) Be ready to learn- this means have a good night’s sleep - at least 8 hours.  This includes teenagers. Have a good breakfast which is the most important meal of the day.

4) Dinner (or supper) is also an important meal when the family eats together. This is a great time to talk about what is going on at school. Students should be ready for the question “What did you learn or do in school?” Parents should not be satisfied with “Nothing”.

5) Homework is important for student success and most nights there will be homework. Each family has to find a time, place and way to ensure homework is done well. Doing homework while watching TV just does not work.

6) Reading is the most important skill for success in school and life.  Each family should set aside some time for children to read. Visiting the library together is a great family activity. Research documents that every student should read at least 25 books every year, besides textbooks.  Reading 25 books a year helps students increase their vocabulary and to be able to be successful on the next grade level.

7) Know the rules of the school and each classroom and follow them. This is part of being a good student. Parents should support these rules with their children. Students, who do not behave or follow the rules, will have some disciplinary action which may involve losing a privilege, punishment, or receiving detention. This is as much a part of learning as book studies. Support the teachers and principals.

8) Communicate with teachers. Do not let questions or problems fester. Teachers are on your side, they need to know what your concerns are so they can help you.

9) Eventually, nearly all issues have to be resolved by the teacher, counselor, or coach. Start there and then talk with a principal if needed.

10)  Learning is fun!  Celebrate your student's every success and attend school activities to express your support while enjoying the observation of your child's achievements.