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Chesterfield students send video down under

posted Nov 30, 2015, 1:34 PM by Terri Willms   [ updated Dec 2, 2015, 5:11 AM ]


  Kim Cotter and Stacey Costner, fifth-grade teachers at Chesterfield Elementary School, recently completed a Global Read Aloud program in their classrooms and had their students share the experience around the world.
  Global Read Aloud invites classrooms from around the world to pick a book on its list and read it aloud starting in October of each year. The classrooms have six weeks to complete the book and reach out to other classrooms.
  “Global Read Aloud is a program that allows students, teachers and classrooms all over the world to connect by reading the same book,” Cotter said. 
  Chesterfield chose “A Fish in a Tree” by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It tells the story of Ally whose dyslexia keeps her from reading. Ally creates distractions and becomes known as a troublemaker at her school to hide the fact that she can’t read.
            “It is a fabulous book about a girl with dyslexia who is able to see the good in others and learns to value herself,” Cotter said.
The Chesterfield classes have Skyped with some American and global classrooms, but because of the 15-hour time difference between Morganton and Sydney, Australia, video conferencing during the school day hasn’t been possible. Chesterfield students did the next best thing by creating a video to send down under.
            Instructional technology facilitator Kristin Edwards helped with the video, which includes images of Chesterfield Elementary School and information about Burke County and North Carolina. Costner and Cotter’s students narrate the video and tell about their favorite part of the book and why they like it. Principal Shanda Epley makes an appearance, too, and talks about her excitement over the project.
Cotter said the teacher in Australia notified her that they received the video. She said “Mrs. Furlong emailed me that they loved the video and are working on one to send back to us.”
            Burke County Public Schools Superintendent Larry Putnam praised the program and Chesterfield’s efforts. “This is a great way to get students interested in not only literacy but also other parts of the world and other cultures. Kudos to Mrs. Cotter and Mrs. Costner and all of the fifth graders at Chesterfield for completing this reading project and producing such a great video.”

Photo:   Kim Cotter and Stacey Costner’s fifth grader classes at Chesterfield Elementary School made a video to send to a class in Australia as part of the Global Read Aloud program.

Watch the video posted on our Facebook page on Nov. 17: 

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