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Civics students collect food while learning about government agencies

posted May 25, 2018, 10:53 AM by Cheryl Shuffler

By Student News Ambassador Robin Heeralall

Photo: Civics students at PHS collect food while learning about government. 

The civics class at Patton High School decided to donate food to a food pantry in a creative way. Students in Ms. Jenkins’ civics class were assigned a project to help them learn about the various departments in the government. The assignment was to select a can or box of food that could be created in this project, but also be donated to those who need food. Students were to take the box and make it into something that resembles the department. On the box there was to be information such as who is in charge of the department, the purpose of the department, when it was created, and what agencies are within this department. Students selected their department by choosing a slip of paper out of a box that Ms. Jenkins passed around. In total there are 15 departments, so two students would have the same department. A lot of creativity was displayed in this project. To represent the Department of Labor, a student made a factory to represent the work aspect of it. To represent the Department of Transportation, a student made a train. There were many other creative projects as well. When students turned in this assignment, they presented it in front of the class. They discussed why they chose to design the box and tell the class the information displayed on it. After students presented, Ms. Jenkins took all the information off the boxes and collected all the food. Students felt really good about donating all this food. Two students were asked about the project. One of the students said, “I think it was a good way to learn about the departments and give back to the community.” Another student said, “I liked this project because we were able to give back to those in need.”