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Continental Science Fair winners announced

posted Nov 21, 2016, 11:52 AM by Cheryl Shuffler

Do you hear what you see? Are microwaves harmful? Which soda has more carbonation? Burke County Public Schools middle schoolers asked these and other probing questions as part of their science fair projects for the 2016 Continental Science Fair. Students who won their school-level science fairs were eligible for the district-wide event. Judging took place earlier last week, and the winners in the seven categories were announced Thursday night at Liberty Middle School. Rexanna Lowman, director of secondary education, announced the winners and recognized all of the students for their hard work and Continental for its sponsorship. Continental Senior Human Relations Manager Naomi Cole attended Thursday’s event, addressed the students about the importance of science in the workforce and helped hand out ribbons and certificates. This is the second year in a row that Continental has sponsored the event. The company’s sponsorship will help send first-, second- and third-place winners to the regional level in Boone in December. A total of 51 students presented 43 different projects in this year’s science fair. The categories and winners are listed below, along with their entry title and school name:                                                                                                     


Biological A                                                                         

First place: Rashell W., Wooing Wildlife: Which Bait Will Rack ‘Em In? – East Burke Middle

Second place: Ben M., Watt Moths Want - Heritage  

Third place: Ella E. and Bailey T., Knight Germs A Study of Bacterial Growth in Our School - Liberty


Biological B                                                                         

First place: Daniela G., Do you Hear What You See? – Walter Johnson

Second place: Sara G., Staying Hydrated – Walter Johnson

Third place: Madison R., Beauty with the Golden Ratio - Liberty



First place: Ashlyn W., Chill Out - Liberty

Second place: Michael D., Which Soda Has More Carbonation? - Walter Johnson

Third place: Isabella S. and Izora G., Which Reacts Most with Copper, Stainless and Zinc? This will Cause Us All to Think - Liberty


Earth Science                                                                                  

First place: Hunter E., Are Microwaves Harmful? – Walter Johnson

Second place: Amy W., Feel the Burn: How Effective is Sunscreen? - Heritage

Third place: Nathan P., Crystal Clear – Table Rock



First place: Cora Hunt, Did N. give up too soon? - Heritage

Second place: Wyatt B., Bottle Rocket - Heritage

Third place: Joey S., Structural Design in Bridge Design - Liberty



First place: Trey L. and Steve McGee, Voltage from Metal Combinations – Table Rock

Second place: Vance R., Do You Think I’m Saxy - Liberty

Third place: Hailey S., All Grip and No Slip - Liberty



First place: Caitlyn E., Searching the Web – Liberty