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It Takes Heart

posted Mar 1, 2018, 1:25 PM by Cheryl Shuffler

By Triniti Bryant, Draughn High School Student News Ambassador

Heritage Middle School students replayed games from their past and raised money for a good cause during a recent P.E. class on Feb. 23. Games such as Duck, Duck Goose, pinball, Battleship and Tic-tac-toe transported students back in time to their preschool and elementary school days. Called “The Great Replay,” the event raised money for the American Heart Association. The fundraiser consisted of each grade level going into the gym for roughly 90 minutes. Before the event, students were asked to find up to 14 people who would sponsor their games. They ended up raising $159 during the event, and proceeds will go to the American Heart Association, which focuses on heart health and research. Heritage P.E. teacher Rusty Vinay, said, “It’s a chance for the kids to play the games they used to play when they were young, and it keeps them moving.” The kids exercised the whole 90 minutes and learned that exercise can help prevent cardiovascular diseases and strokes. They also had fun. Eighth grader Addie Heart, whose favorite game is “Duck, Duck Goose” said, “It makes me feel young again.”