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BCPS unveils new logo, tagline

posted Sep 1, 2015, 1:21 PM by Bcps Bcps   [ updated Sep 14, 2015, 4:49 AM ]
Burke County Public Schools has a new look for the start of the 2015-16 school year. The 46-year-old school system has completed a yearlong process to design a new logo and pen a new tagline. The new logo features Table Rock mountain, the shape of Burke County, flames and industrial gears. Vibrant teals, oranges and yellows color the new design. The tagline is “Igniting Learning For A Brighter Future.”

      Burke County Public Schools Superintendent Larry Putnam said the process was a team effort. “The journey started with the verb ‘ignite’ and the tagline and subsequent logo design developed from there,” Putnam said. “We wanted a message and a look that captured the intensity behind our passion to educate students and prepare them for the future.”

   “Chad’s artistic talents shine through in the final design. We appreciate his hard work and flexibility,” Putnam said.  Putnam explained once the tagline was established, he called upon the Patton High School Senior Chad Guzman to help with the logo design. Putnam and BCPS Public Relations Officer Cheryl Shuffler worked with Guzman on several different concepts and along the way sought input from school system directors and principals. Kolby Watts, chief operations officer at Wendy B’s Embroidery & Screen Printing, put the finishing touches on the logo, preparing it and preserving it in various formats.

Guzman, who graduated from Patton in June, is the son of Javier and Elizabeth Guzman and will attend UNC-Asheville this fall. He hopes to transfer to Savannah College of Art and Design. He said, “I would like to be a part of a creative team working in film, video games, animation or graphic design. I'll have to see what I enjoy.”

       While juggling a graduation project, completing college applications and all of the other have-tos and want-tos that make up a senior year in high school, Guzman said he gladly accepted the task of designing a new logo for the school system. 

       He recalls, “sketching everything from light bulbs and torches to lanterns and flames. Eventually, over the course of months of meetings, suggestions and alterations, we developed the final design with the striking orange and blue gradients and silhouettes of Burke County and Table Rock. The image of Table Rock is placed underneath Burke County to signify that our beautiful mountain environment is at the core of our culture and is a keystone of our education. The surrounding gears both visually pull the design together and represent our area's industrious spirit that pulls its community together."

     The new logo replaces one that another Burke County Public Schools' student designed in 2001.  Emilia San Miguel was in the first grade at Oak Hill Elementary School when she entered a logo contest the school system sponsored.  
San Miguel’s design, which the school system adopted and used for 14 years, features a blue and green globe with the state of North Carolina highlighted in yellow and Burke County pinpointed in black. Blue, yellow, red and green paper-doll shaped children with hands interlocked circle the globe.
        San Miguel graduated from Patton in 2012 and is a rising senior at Harvard University studying government, with interests in global health, international law and human rights. Just like the globe she drew in her logo design, San Miguel’s studies have taken her abroad, including a semester spent in Geneva.
        Putnam said, “I first met Emilia when she was in fifth grade at Oak Hill.  I knew immediately that she was a special young lady and had a bright future ahead of her. She didn't disappoint us either, as she entered Harvard University. But wait, she is not done yet, I have no doubt she will change the world and continue to have a positive impact on those around her.” 
        San Miguel, the daughter of Forest Hill Elementary School Principal Leicha San Miguel, is understanding about the school system retiring her logo and moving on to use a new one. She said, “The world has changed so much since then and the school system has, too. This is a new era.” She credits her education from Burke County Public Schools for preparing her for Harvard.
        The new logo and tagline officially launch Aug. 23 and will appear in newspaper ads, on billboards, on www.burke.k12.nc.us and on print and electronic communication for the school system.
        “Much thought and effort has gone into rebranding Burke County Public Schools, and it is with great excitement that we embark on a new school year and reveal a new logo and tagline. While the look may be different, our vision and mission, which stakeholders helped create five years ago, remains the same, as does our commitment to provide the best public education to students in Burke County.”      


Emilia San Miguel stands at the Great Wall of China.

Chad Guzman on his graduation night at Patton High School.

Cheryl M. Shuffler
Public Relations Officer
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