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Student baristas learn work skills

posted Apr 18, 2018, 11:00 AM by Cheryl Shuffler

By Student News Ambassador Natalie Ollis


Libra Deaton’s class at North Liberty is running a coffee shop for the teachers and faculty. Thanks to a donation from Jimmy Warlick, the classroom is stocked with a Keurig, coffees and teas that students can make and then deliver. Deaton said the goal of this project is to “teach the students about small business and how to count money.” She added that her students work toward that goal every day. There is a small price for the beverages they deliver, but it just covers the costs of the K-Cups needed to keep the project going. Deaton said she chose to start this project because Keurigs are easy for the students to operate, and it is a way to teach them how small business works, which is a valuable skill for them to learn.


There are many other projects going on in Deaton’s class as well. Since she has a vocational class setup, the students are greatly involved with learning how to do helpful and important tasks for the school, as well as the school system. Thanks to a DonorsChoose grant, the classroom has two raised beds used for flowers, and they also have an indoor rack in their classroom to grow food plants. They also shred documents in an industrial shredder and separate binder clips for teachers all over the county. They also rake leaves around their school campus and separate recyclables.


Deaton said future plans involve expanding the garden and also giving the plants to Morganton restaurants to grow local vegetables to use in their food. These projects greatly benefit the students of North Liberty because they are learning at such early ages how to be involved in the community and in business.