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EpiPen used on student after bee sting

posted Oct 7, 2015, 11:15 AM by Bcps Bcps   [ updated Oct 7, 2015, 11:20 AM ]
  After a bee stung Freedom High School junior Mario Campero during JROTC exercises, the student experienced shortness of breath and difficulty breathing.  Realizing Mario was having a severe allergic reaction to the bee sting, Freedom receptionist Angie Acuff was called in to use one of the school's epinephrine auto-injectors, also know has an EpiPen, which is used to treat anaphylaxis.

  Burke County Public Schools received funding in 2013 to supply each school with EpiPens to be used in case a student with an undiagnosed allergy has a reaction to an insect bite or food allergy.

  “Director of School Nursing Miranda Michaels was proactive in securing EpiPens for all of our schools one year before legislation was passed that now requires it,” said Burke County Public Schools Superintendent Larry Putnam. 

  In August, for the second year in a row before the start of school, Dr. Patrice Kirchoff with Allergy Partners of the Blue Ridge trained front office staff in all BCPS campuses on how to administer the EpiPens.

  Acuff was part of this training and knew exactly what to do in Mario’s case. After Mario was injected with the EpiPen, the school called an ambulance, which took him to the emergency room for observation. Mario’s mom, Annie Campero, said, “I feel the school did good in administering it because it would have been really bad for my son if it had not been given.”

  Michaels said, “This event shows the importance of a quick emergency response and the teamwork between school staffs and school nurses. It also highlights the importance of the annual Epi-Pen training that Dr. Kirchoff in conjunction with the school nurses provide to school staff before the start of each school year as well as the ongoing trainings throughout the year provided by the school nurses to ensure the safety and well being of all students at all times.”

Photos: Freedom High School receptionist Angie Acuff and student Mario Campero.

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