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Bob Acord Support Services Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services 
John Cansler Support Services Director, Transportation 
Charles Cooke Support Services Director, Energy Management 
Kim Rudisill Curriculum and Instruction Director, Elementary Education and Title 1 
Lannie Simpson Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, English as a Second Language 
Doug Setzer Support Services Director, Auxiliary Services 
Sharon Colaw Central Office Director, Human Resources 
Ross Rumbaugh Testing and Accountability Director, Student Analytics and Administrative Services 
Angela Hensley Child Nutrition Food Service Manager Coordinator 
Cheryl M. Shuffler Public Relations Public Relations Officer 
Keith Lawson Financial Services Chief Finance Officer 
Kathy Amos Curriculum and Instruction Director Advanced Learning 
Dr. Larry Putnam Central Office Superintendent 
Dr. Melanie Honeycutt Digital Teaching and Learning Chief Information Officer 
Dr. David Fonseca Central Office Assistant Superintendent 
Deborah Jennings Curriculum and Instruction Director of Secondary Education and CTE 
Showing 16 items