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 Academically and Intellectually Gifted

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Burke County Public Schools has developed a local AIG plan based on the NC AIG Program Standards.  Our Gifted Education Program strives to be a model of exemplary education, inspiring gifted students to reach and exceed their academic and intellectual potential.  Students will be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century while contributing to their global community as productive citizens.

Our mission is to empower each student with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential in an ever changing world.  Gifted students form diverse groups of individuals and, when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment, require a range of cognitive and affective experiences to fulfill their potential.

By addressing the needs of the gifted population, all students' potential can be tapped.  Burke County Public Schools model site gifted plan is a comprehensive proposal, K-12, that "empowers each student with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential in an ever changing world."

The following components are interwoven throughout the plan to insure equity and excellence:

1.  School Improvement
2.  Parental Involvement
3.  Site or School Flexibility
4.  System-Wide Consistency
5.  Student Diversity

Burke County Public Schools gifted plan provides a continuum of services based on individual student interests, abilities, and needs.  Multiple factors are taken into account to determine the services provided to gifted students.

Each school has established an Academically Gifted Review Committee to review a student's eligibility, to determine if further assessment is needed, or to refer a student to an appropriate program option.

Students in the Burke County system will maintain their AG status and will continue to participate in selected service options as long as their level of performance meets AG standards.

Transfer students who have been previously identified will be reviewed for services whenever they enter the Burke County Public School system.