Exceptional Children Preschool Services

Burke County Exceptional Children Preschool Services are available for children ages 3-5.  We believe that early identification of potential learning problems may prevent or alleviate future obstacles.  Our program recognizes and stresses the importance of family involvement with open communication between parents and staff.  Our services are available to preschool age children who are eligible under the Procedures Governing Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities.

For information on Exceptional Children Preschool Services, please contact:
Lisa Ervin, Exceptional Children Preschool Coordinator at (828) 433-6030 ext. 4579 or email lervin@burke.k12.nc.us

What are Exceptional Children Preschool Services?

Exceptional Children Preschool Services may include early education, therapy, and ideas of how families can help their children at home and in the community.  These services are based upon family strengths, concerns, priorities, and resources.
These are some of the services available to Exceptional Children Preschool children:
  • Screenings and assessments.
  • Comprehensive evaluations.
  • Occupational Therapy – to facilitate the highest level of independence in self-care and fine motor tasks.
  • Special instruction by and Early Childhood Education Teacher
  • Physical Therapy – to increase strength and movement.
  • Speech Therapy – to help with speech and language needs in order to encourage effective communication.
  • Vision Services – through the Governor Morehead Preschool Department.
  • Assistance with transitioning into elementary school.

Who is Eligible for Exceptional Children Preschool Services?

Eligibility is based on:
  • A significant delay in one or more areas of development compared to other children of his or her age.
  • A physical disability, hearing or vision loss.

Exceptional Children Preschool Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services provide therapy to encourage development of effective communication skills.  These services are provided by licensed Speech Language Pathologists and are available to children ages 3-5 who qualify based on evaluations.  These services may take place at their regular daycare or at Exceptional Children Preschool Services located at W.A. Young Elementary School and Hildebran Elementary School. 

For more information on Speech Therapy Services, contact our Preschool Speech Therapist, Mindy Peters at 433-6030 ext. 4575 or email at mindypeters@burke.k12.nc.us 

Exceptional Children Itinerant Special Education

Provides services for children needing social and readiness skills in preparation for entering Kindergarten.  These services are provided by licensed Birth-Kindergarten/Special Education teachers, and are available for children ages 3-5 who qualify based on evaluations. These services may be provided at their regular daycare or at Exceptional Children Preschool Services at W.A. Young Elementary School and Hildebran Elementary School.

For more information on Itinerant Services, please contact:

Angie Clontz: 433-6030 ext. 4571 or aclontz@burke.k12.nc.us
Katie Puckett: 433-6030 ext. 4572 or kpuckett@burke.k12.nc.us
Kelly Sizemore: 433-6030 ext. 4574 or ksizemore@burke.k12.nc.us