DTL Staff

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Melanie Honeycutt Administration, Chief Information Officer Digital Teaching and Learning 
Rachael Parker Administrative Assistant  
Alan Berry Audio Visual and Electronics Technician  
Michelle Minton ​​District PowerSchool Lead  
Ashley Byles Information System Engineer (Lead), Telecomm Specialist  
Michael Brittain Information Systems Engineer  
Phillip Speagle Information Systems Engineer  
Dean St. Louis Information Systems Engineer  
Mike Wheeler Information Systems Engineer  
Cheng Vue Information Systems Engineer  
Rick Gardin Information Systems Engineer  
Kaleb Ross Information Systems Engineer  
Thomas Simmons Information Systems Engineer  
Cody Winn Information Systems Engineer, Telecom Specialist  
Erin Wolfhope Instructional Tech Facilitator website 
Teresa Castellaw Instructional Tech Facilitator website 
Debbie Dale Instructional Tech Facilitator website 
Donna Wells Instructional Tech Facilitator website 
Daniel Houser Instructional Tech Facilitator website 
Angela Bradshaw Instructional Tech Facilitator/Media Director website 
Darlene Epley Instructional Tech Facilitator/Online Learning website 
Showing 21 items