ESL Translated Documents

Translated enrollment documents and documents for various departments, such as Technology, Child Nutrition, and School Nurses are found via the link below.  The various translated documents are also listed below.   Translated Documents

School-related forms with Spanish and/or Hmong Translations...

          Enrollment packet:
  1. Green enrollment sheet:  Spanish
  2. Home language survey:  Spanish
  3. Proof of residency:  Colocacion de estudiantes:  Prueba de Residencia Spanish
  4. Student Acceptable Use Policy  (Technology):  Spanish 
  5. Student Acceptable Use Agreement Form & Permission to Publish Form (Technology):  Spanish
  6. Student Gmail Pledge (Technology):  Spanish
  7. Student 1:1 Macbook Guidelines
  8. Student Health Form (prek-8 grade)  (School Nurses):  Spanish
  9. Student Health Form (9-12 grade)  (School Nurses): Spanish
  10. High School (HS) Have a Healthy School Year (School Nurse):  Spanish
  11. Elem./MS: Have a Healthy School Year (School Nurses):  Spanish
  12. Welcome to Kindergarten (School Nurses):  Spanish
  13. Kindergarten Health Assessment (School Nurses):  Spanish
      Classroom Progress Information:

  1. Classroom Progress Comments:  Spanish, Hmong
  2. Interim Progress Reports for K, 1-5:  Spanish
  3. Sample Reading Log:  English, Hmong, Spanish
  4. PreK Classroom Comments:  Spanish