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InterpreterLanguage(s)Contact InformationSchool Employee?Availability
InterpreterLanguage(s)Contact InformationSchool Employee?Availability
Melissa Shaw Spanish 437-5901 Salem Before and after school 
Adrianna Morris Spanish 437-4258 Mt. Crest Before and after school 
Thedy Bowman Spanish 433-3000 Patton Before and after school 
Angie Crawford Spanish 437-5906 Forest Hill Before and after school 
Izabela Pablo-Pedro Spanish; Kanjobal 437-5906 Forest Hill Before and after school 
Ingrid Knopf Spanish 433-1310 Freedom Before and after school 
Wendy Hammerstone Spanish 437-5906 Forest Hill Before and after school 
Maria Atkins Spanish 443-1547 Retired Daytime and evening 
Deny Villa Spanish 291-8770 Contract basis Daytime and evening 
Davee Ly Hmong 879-9595; 397-3181 George Hildebrand; Hildebran Before and after school 
Sylvia Mahon Spanish 437-5906 Forest Hill Before and after school 
Ed Gaspar Spanish 437-5785 Mull Before and after school 
May Ku Hmong, Lao 438-2941; cell: 502-9129 ESL Office Before, during and after school 
Sarah Gomez Spanish 419-706-8275 Contract basis Daytime and evening 
Arasally Cardona Spanish 781-9319 Contract Daytime and evening 
Bimala Adhikari Nepali 703-861-0702 Contract Basis After 2:00 pm 
Wini Bradley Spanish 828-639-3585 Contract Daytime and Evening 
Antonia Calderon Aguilar Spanish 367-1140 home; 390-7017 cell Bus Garage 8:00 am-1:00 pm 
Guadalupe Pascuala Pedro Spanish 390-6569 Contract basis Evening 
Grace Narten Spanish 390-0869; Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings 
Ana Highley Spanish (828) 248-2267 Retired Daytime and some Evenings 
Jeanie Phasiname Hmong 443-0755 WAYE Before and after school 
Flavio Uribe Hernandez Spanish 828-682-2957; Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings 
Renee Uribe Spanish 828-682-2957; Contract Daytime and evening 
Catalina Rosales Spanish 828-493-3751 Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings 
Maureen Dougher Spanish 403-5284 Contract Basis M W: Afternoon and Evening; T Th: After 3:00pm; F: Daytime and Evening 
Ernan Yanez-Moreno Spanish; 919-717-1714 Contract Basis Daytime and Evenings 
Maggie Gaspar Spanish 828-390-6691; Contract Basis Daytime and Evenings 
Daniel Gutierrez Spanish 430-7340 WAYE and Patton Before and after school 
Lia Yang Hmong 874-0704; 437-5785 Mt. Crest Before and after school 
Karen Thai Chinese (Cantonese); (828) 217-9589 Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings 
Lisa Dean Spanish (828) 443-1424 Contract Basis Evenings 
Brandy Mills Spanish 828-234-2725; Gear-Up Coordinator Before and after school 
Nancy Hasty Spanish 439-9119; cell: 334-7049 Mt. Crest AM; retired Afternoon and evening 
Ashley Abee Spanish WJMS M-F AM; Heritage PM; cell:443-2300 Parent Coordinator/Bilingual Newcomer Teacher at Heritage Mornings and Evenings after school 
Barbara Fisher Marshallese 864-873-8387 Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings; Mostly over the phone interpreting 
Eulalia Mateo Pascual Spanish 433-7676 (Family Connections); Cell: 764-5900 College Street; CO Before and after school; sometimes during school 
Dr. Jack Hodges, Jr. Arabic 828-612-1413; Contract Basis Daytime and some Evenings 
Ted Pedro Acateco and Kanjobal; 828-390-9532 Contract Basis Evenings and some days 
Claudia Gamborino Spanish 828-559-7417; Forest Hill   
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