Good morning!

Good afternoon!


Good evening!


How are you?


Do you speak Spanish?

What language do you speak?

What is your child's name?

What's your name?

What grade is your child in?

Do you need to check your child out?


Do you have identification?


Do you need to enroll your child?

Here are the enrollment forms.

Do you need help with the forms?

Do you have records from previous school

When is your child's birthday?

What is your address?


Do you need an interpreter?

I can schedule an appt w/ an interpreter

When can you return?


Days of the Week: M-F


Do you prefer morning or afternoon?

Can you write your phone # down, please?

We will call you to schedule an appt.

Do you need to speak to your C's teacher

The teacher is in class.

Do you need to talk to the principal?

You can sit here, if you'd like.


Wait just a moment, please.


Your child is sick. You need to come...


Is this a new address?


Your child will ride bus #____.