Title III Timeline

Title III Program Implementation Timeline 2017-18

® = Required

August 2017

®   Notify Parents of ALL LEP students’ participation in ESL program.

     -    Send Annual Services Placement letter using ACCESS 2.0 Spring 2017 scores-go to Burke County Homepage; Click on Curriculum; Slide to ESL and click; click on ESL Procedures Notebook tab. Click on the LiveBinder icon, and this will take you to our LiveBinder. Click on ESL Parent Letters tab; click on subtabs (4a-4c) for Annual Services Placement Letters. Send English and Hmong/Spanish as needed.

®   Teachers provide copy of Individual Student Report and highlighted Can-Do descriptors for grade level cluster-download Can-Dos from ELL Livebinder: click on WIDA Resources tab; click on Can-Do Name Charts subtab.  At high school level, consider providing a notebook of ACCESS scores and Can Dos for all LEP students for each department.

®   W-APT test Kinders (within first 30 days)

®   WIDA Screener test any newly enrolled students Grades 1-12 from non-WIDA out-of-state

     -    Send parent notification of W-APT Kinder/WIDA Screener Grades 1-12 scores.  Follow same directions as above, except click on Services Placement W-APT (subtabs 2a-2b).  Send English/Spanish as needed.

®   Determine newcomer students who need to be on Imagine Learning or ALEKS Math.  Email Lannie.

      If you have a newcomer, please request newcomer materials.  

®   Teachers have Data Managers create teams in PowerSchool for LEPs, MFLEP1’s (Exited 2017), and MFLEP2’s (Exited 2016).  Copy report cards quarterly, staple to monitoring forms, & meet with content teachers as needed.

®   Teachers sign off on ALL Home Language Surveys.  Surveys requiring testing,- make copies for red folders; return originals for cumulative folder placement.

September 2017

®   Teachers review ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs spring 2017 results to develop schedules; use LIEP.

®   Send ESL Schedule template (filled out) to ESL Office. – to include names of students, whether directly served or on guidance

®   Send LEP Accommodations Charts to ESL Office.  Be sure to add in accommodations for NC Final Exams~ science, social studies.

®   Send LEP Action Plan for all LEP students to ESL Office.  Copy in red folder.  Copy to classroom teacher(s). Copy to ESL Office.

     -     Determine state testing accommodations for LEP students for 2017-18

     -    Send parent accommodations letter home –download from website (same location as above)     

Determine students eligible for year one LEP exemption of reading EOG and English II

.  (Must score below a 4 on the reading subtest of WIDA Screener for reading EOG exemption  

     And English II.)

®   Notify LEP parents of AMAO results (if available☺-ESL Office will send you letter)

October 2017

®   Turn in All Kinder W-APTs by October 9, 2017 (Day 30)

®   Administrators of Woodcock-Munoz turn in All Woodcock-Munoz by October 9, 2017     

®   Home Language Survey –ESL Office will notify you.

®   October 1, 2017 Headcount   ESL Office will notify you.

®  Covering ELD Standards with Content Teachers in grade level/dept. planning meeting – Sign-in sheet to ESL Office by October 31, 2017

®   Verify Tier placement for Alternate ACCESS test/any student who will be tested entirely on paper.  

®   ESL Lesson Plan Collection Elementary School teachers Download ESL Lesson Plan Template from ESL website/or use Planbook Plans-choose one class for K-5 and; send lesson plans for any 5 days

®   BOY Writing Benchmark to be completed by October 31, 2017

November 2017

®   Check to see if any newly enrolled students need to be WIDA Screener/W-APT tested.

®   ESL Lesson Plan Collection Middle School teachers:  Download ESL Lesson Plan Template from ESL website/or use Planbook Plans -choose one class period meeting 5 days per week or A day/B day;  send lesson plans for any 1 week.

®  Parent-Teacher Conferences; Sign-in Sheets due by November 14, 2017.

December 2017

®   Send agendas and any documents to verify promotion of parental and community involvement in your LEP program-i.e.  Notices of parent literacy night, ESL parent meetings, etc.

®   Remember that December 31 is the last day to reclassify a student!!

January 2018

®   ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs training- See professional development plan on ESL website.

®   Meet to discuss AMAO Status.  See professional development on ESL website.

®   Consult with teachers of elementary students recommended for retention.

®   High School Teachers participate in EOC Appeal/Waiver process.

®   Turn in LEP Accommodations Charts for second semester high school.  All other teachers turn in  additional LEP Accommodations Charts if you have new students

      -    Send parent accommodations letter home –download from website (same location as above)

®   ESL Lesson Plan Collection High School Teachers –choose one class period; send lesson plans for any 1 week.  Download ESL Lesson Plan Template from ESL website.

®  MOY Writing Benchmarking to be completed by January 31, 2018

February 2018

®   Send parent letter for testing notification for annual ACCESS 2.0 test.  Download ELP testing notification letter from website.

®   ACCESS 2.0 for ELLs Testing Window

®   Update of Immigrant Count in Federal Data Collection.  ESL Office will send request

March 2018

®   Hand-schedule ELLs in high school classes; Get middle school schedules from 9th grade counselor to review with Lannie.

®  Check to make sure your inventory of bilingual word-to-word dictionaries matches the number of students that you checked bilingual dictionary on their pink LEP Accommodations Charts

April 2018

®   Ensure accommodations are in place for end of year testing.  Send parent mods letter if accommodations are changed/new students are added; must have new accommodations in place 30 days before testing

®   Meet to obtain teacher input on development of the Title III Grant.

®   LEP Parent Task Force.

®   Title III Status Meeting  - See professional development on ESL website.

May 2018

®   Parent Survey

June 2018

®  Pick up spring 2018 ACCESS 2.0 individual student reports and parent letters to send home.

Send Exit letter from spring 2018 ACCESS if appropriate-download from ESL website-go to Burke County Homepage; Click on Curriculum; Slide over to ESL and click on ESL Staff; Go to Upper right-hand corner of the web page and click on Sign-In.  Sign in using bcps\your username and your email password.  Click on the blue button on the left, Protected Documents. Click on Parent Letters; Click on Exit Letters. Send English and Hmong/Spanish as needed.

®   Annual Score Analysis meeting- notebooks.

®   End of year LEP Data Collection spreadsheet-ESL Office will email template…

®   End of year transition meetings for grades 5 and 8~ bring red folders.
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