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Pix n Tell- 04/09/13

Pix n Tell ( is an iPad app for creating slideshows. Import photos or videos from your iPad camera roll or take photos/videos with the iPad camera. Add the photos to your slideshow. Text may be added to the photos and you can even record your voice within the app to create a nice narration for the show. The final project is saved as a movie file within the app.

Check out this online tutorial and examples of student projects created with Pix n Tell. Each is a YouTube video.

Pix n Tell Tutorial

Max's Pizza

Blizzard Project

Thanksgiving Book by Max

We Are Thankful


3/12/2013- Aurasma App

Aurasma is a free, augmented reality app that works somewhat like a QR code but integrates 3-D animation and videos and also allows the user to create his own aura by uploading digital content like audio or video files created from the iPhone or iPad.

Many companies use auras for advertising, but there are educational uses for the app as well. Teachers can find auras in newspapers or online sources to share digital content with students. They can also create their own auras to share information with students. Students can create auras to share book reviews or explanations of how to do something, like explain how they solved a problem. 

To check out some real auras, download the Aurasma free app to your iPhone, Android device or iPad. Then open the app and scan the back of a twenty-dollar bill or George Washington on a one-dollar bill. To view some real auras used for advertising purposes, see the Aurasma home page and click on the Campaigns menu to take a peak.



3/5/2013- DropBox

​Today, we created a DropBox account at and we downloaded the DropBox app for the iPad. DropBox is an easy way to store files online and then access them from either the website by loggining in with your account credentials or by simply clicking on the DropBox app on the iPad. A GAES DropBox account was created for teachers to use for storing photos for student projects for use on the iPad. This is much safer than allowing kids to do Google image searches.

2/19/2013- Cloud On and DropBox

At today's Tech Tuesday, we had a share session. One of the cool apps that was shared was Cloud On.  This app is free from the App Store. The app lets you create Word, PowerPoint or Excel files on your iPad. The files can then be emailed or can be automatically synced to a DropBox account.

Naturally, this led to a discussion of DropBox.  We installed the free DropBox app on our iPads. What is DropBox?  DropBox allows users to access any type of file anywhere without carrying around a flash drive. Once a free DropBox account is created at,  users can have their files automatically synced to any device or computer where the Dropbox app is installed. Can't install the DropBox app, like on a school computer? No worries, just go to, log in, and your files will be waiting for you.



2/5/13-  SKITCH

​Skitch is a screen capture and image sharing app for Macs, iPads, iPod touch, and the iPhone! It allows you to take snapshots of your screen, photos, documents, etc. It has built-in editing tools which can be used to add text, lines, shapes, and arrows to your screen shot. Skitch projects that have been edited can be saved to the device.

Here are two resources which highlight classroom uses for Skitch.

-Reflect & Refine: Building a Learning Community

-Canyon School District

1/29/13-  iPads and QR Codes
1/15/13- iPad Camera Tips and Tricks

Quick access to the camera without logging in- double press Home button

Zoom in and Out- double tap screen

Take a screen shot of an image online by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously. Image is added to camera roll.


To move photos from the camera roll- connect USB cable that came with the iPad to a computer. The iPad will be treated as an external storage device. Open as if opening a camera or a flash drive. Save images to desired location.

Delete images by opening camera roll, click Edit. Tap on images to delete.


Use the Picture Frame feature in conjunction with Reflections to showcase activities in your classroom. Set up the Pic Frame in Setting>Picture Frame. Can select photos to scroll or can select an album of photos to show.

Random Tools in the Gallery Lesson Activity Toolkit
The SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Toolkit is is full of tools that randomly generate lists, groups, words, numbers, etc.  In this session, we looked specifically at the Random Word Chooser and the Random Group Picker. The Random Word Chooser can be used to randomly choose students. Simply enter each students' name, click Select, and the tool chooses one of the students. The Random Group Generator places students or words into random groups simply by entering each name or word, slecting the number of groups desired, and clicking Group.
1. Go to the SMART Notebook Gallery
2. Type "Random" in the search field
3. Select the Interactive and Multimedia heading
4. Select the desired tool and drag it to a blank SMART Notebook Page
Sentence Arrange
The Sentence Arrange Tool is part of the SMART Notebook Gallery. Its uses are varied and may include: putting words in alphabetical order, arrange numbers from least to greatest, arranging math order of operations, ordering steps in a project, ordering events in a story, etc.....
1. Click the Gallery icon
2. Use "Sentence Arrange" as the search term
3. Click the Interactive and Multimedia search results
4. Click and drag the desired Sentence Arrange Tool to a blank SMART Notebook Page
5. Click the Edit button to enter information
The Magic Magnifying Glass
Want to make a lesson more interactive? Create The Magic Magnifying Glass by reording objects and changing their properties to create a "magical" effect.
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