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The purpose of the Career and College Promise (CCP) program is to offer structured opportunities for qualified high school juniors and seniors to enroll in community college courses that provide pathways that lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree as well as provide entry-level jobs skills. Academic credits earned through Career and College Promise shall enable students who continue into postsecondary education after graduating from high school to complete a postsecondary credential in less time than would normally be required. Beginning spring semester 2012, three pathways are offered as a collaborative effort between Western Piedmont Community College (WPCC) and Burke County Public Schools (BCPS):
  • Career and Technical Pathway
    • Leads to a certificate or diploma aligned with a high school career cluster.
  • Core 44 College Transfer Pathway
    • Provides up to 34 hours of tuition-free course credits toward the Core 44.  This is an agreed-upon 44 hours of college credits that will transfer seamlessly to any NC public or partipating private college or university for qualified high school students.
    • This will save successful students time and money in pursuing four-year degrees.
  • Cooperative Innovative High School Programs
    • Burke Middle College is a cooperative innovative high school, located on the campus of Western Piedmont Community College.
    • BMC allows students to earn their high school diploma and many college hours during their two years there.  About fifty percent of their students earn an associate's degree.
The Career and College Promise program replaces the dual enrollment, Learn and Earn Online, and Huskins programs that students have previously participated in to earn college credit during high school.
Please find out more about each pathway by clicking on the buttons on the left.  All the information you need to become involved in the Career and College Promise program at WPCC (a collaborative effort between Western Piedmont Community College and Burke County Public Schools) is located within this website.  If you have additional questions, please e-mail or call your high school counselor or the following:
BCPS Personnel
Dr. Debbie Kincaid
Assistant Director of Student Information and Data Management
Phone:  828.438.2930
WPCC Personnel

Jennifer Propst
Director of Enrollment Management
Phone:  828.448.6051
Susan Williams
Dean of Student Services
Phone:  828.448.3178
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