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APEX Learning 

APEX has two venues:

1) The Learning High School are paid-for-courses for first time credit and require the complete online application process. The school pays for these courses during the academic school year.

2) The Virtual School/ClassTools Achieve course materials are used to supplement current or previously taken courses. These courses are frequently used for credit recovery and do not require the complete online application process for enrollment. The school pays for these courses during the academic school year AND summer school.

1) APEX Learning High School

Approved Courses: 

  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Psychology​
  • AP U.S. Government and Politics​

AP Exams:
Students are REQUIRED to take the AP Exam associated with their course.

AP Exam information can be found at The College Board AP Central 

Start (and end) dates for APEX Learning High School courses vary but always start on a Monday. Please know your course start date. The week prior to the Monday start date, YOU will receive your login information via the email address you provided on your application.

Provider Information:
Main Site - APEXLearning

These files can be accessed from the Main Site, Support, Quick Links:

Student Course Access:​

2) APEX Virtual School/ClassTools Achieve

Course are selected based on student academic plan. Guidance Counselors, please use the Course Catalog to determine which course best aligns with the student's transcript for credit recovery

APEX Virtual School/ClassTools Achieve courses are available as soon as the students are enrolled in them through PowerSchool and the eLA is notified which course to enroll the student. The school eLA​ will provide the student with their login name and password during the scheduled class period.​​​​​

Provider Information:
Main Site - APEXLearning​
Course Catalog - Course Catalog​

Student Course Access:​


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