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APEX Learning


  •  Student speaks with school counselor to evaluate options at APEX.
  • If the student and counselor find a good course match for the student, the student continues the registration process.
  • The student completes a Burke County Public Schools' Online Application form and the Student/Parent contract and submits it to his/her school counselor.  Once the application is approved by the school's Distance Learning Advisor (DLA), school counselor, and principal, the student continues the application process below.
  • The school's DLA registers the student for the particular online course(s). 
  • All courses are first come, first serve.  The DLA will inform the student if he/she was granted a seat in the particular course(s).
  • Tuition is free for all public school students.
  • Textbooks are free to public school students.  Textbooks are sent to the school's DLA (Distance Learning Advisor).  Burke County Public Schools owns the textbooks.  Students must not mark, deface, etc. these books.  Students must return the textbooks to the DLA when the final exam is completed for the course. 
  • Supplies are the responsibility of the student.
  • Students enrolled in APEX courses must follow the schedule that APEX provides.  This may not match the school calendar of BCPS.
  • Help Desk for APEX:  1.800.453.1454, Ext. 8200.
  • Course Catalog (BCPS students will follow the traditional calendar of APEX.)
  • APEX AP courses are year-long and receive .5 high school credits each semester.  The grade counts in both the rank and GPA on the student's transcript.  Students must take the AP course at the end of the year.  The AP exam must be paid for by the student.
  • Most APEX non-AP courses are block/semester courses and receive 1.0 high school credit.  The grade counts in both the rank and the GPA on the student's transcript.
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