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Board of Education

Western Piedmont Community College


Open to students in Grades 11-12


  • Student speaks with guidance counselor to evaluate online options at WPCC. 
  • If the student and guidance counselor find a good course match for the student, the student continues the registration process. 
  • The student completes a Burke Online Learning Application and the Online Learning Student/Parent Contract​ (for high school students) and submits it to his/her school counselor.  Once the application is approved by the guidance counselor and principal, the student continues the application process below.
  • The student must complete a WPCC application.  These can be found at  
    Students will need to print the last page of the application which includes the location for the required parental signature.  Printing the online application  
    This page must be submitted to WPCC before the registration process is considered complete.
  • Students take the required college placement test(s) depending on the course chosen.  Please call 448.6052 or 448.6046 to schedule a test time.
  • Students register with the community college using the appropriate college date for registration--check the college website.  (The next registration date for dual enrollment will be August 10th from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at Hildebrand Hall.) 
  • All courses are based on seat availability.
  • Tuition is waived for all public school students for Career and College Promise.  Please see the BCPS' Career and College Promise website for more information on this program.
  • Textbooks are the responsibility of the student.  You may purchase textbooks from the WPCC bookstore or from any other source (,, etc.).  It is extremely important that you check textbook information with WPCC's bookstore before purchasing a textbook from another source.  Please make sure that you have the right edition and that you have all the textbook components that you will need for the class.  Textbook information is also listed online via WPCC's website approximately one to two weeks before classes begin (please click on "Purchase Books Online").  URL:
  • Supplies are the responsibility of the student.
  • Student fees must be paid by the student.  (*Please see the current fee schedule below.)
  • Contact for registration questions at WPCC:  Susan Williams, Director of Admissions, 448.6051.
  • Course offerings will be published by WPCC with all other Fall and Spring publications; please visit WPCC's website at http://www.w​
  • Students enrolled in WPCC courses must follow the calendar that WPCC provides.  This may not match the school calendar of BCPS.
  • College courses count as one credit on the high school transcript; and count in both GPA and rank on the student's transcript.

NOTE:  College grades count in Rank and GPA.

WPCC Student Fee Rates
Students would have to pay the Student Activity Fee (SA Fee) and the Insurance.  Please contact WPCC for the fees structure for this semester.

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