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Board of Education

                                           Burke Virtual Network

Vendors:  APEX, Burke Canvas, NCVPS, and WPCC.

We offer first time credit opportunities to Burke County students during the academic year and summer school. Please use the vendor page links to familiarize yourself with the vendor program to determine which program best meets your academic need.

Process for WPCC online courses is included in the WPCC vendor link.

Process for APEX, Burke Canvas and NCVPS online courses: 

  1. Talk to your parents about taking an online course.
  2. Take one or both of the online learner assessments found at the bottom of this page.
  3. Review the vendor links to help you determine which courses are both available to you and are of interest to you.
  4. Consult with the school Guidance Counselor as to course selections.
  5. Obtain or download the Online Learning Student/Parent Contract​.
  6. Return completed Online Learning Student/Parent Contract to your Guidance Counselor.
  7. Determine which vendor and course/s you are eligible to take - you can enroll in two courses per semester. Enrollment is first come first enrolled. You will need to select additional choices in case your first choice is not available.
  8. Obtain or download the Teacher Recommendation form.
  9. Obtain or download the Online Learning Application​.
  10. Return the both the completed Teacher Recommendation forms and Online Learning Application​ to your Guidance Counselor
  11. Wait for the Guidance Counselor or eLA to contact your regarding successful enrollment.
​Forms for APEX, Burke Canvas and NCVPS are located in the Applications link.

What to consider when taking an online course:

  • Reliable Internet and equipment away from school is required if taking an online course off-campus during the school day or as your fifth period (high school only).
  • Organization and self-discipline is vital for success. YOU are responsible for managing your time, resources and meeting deadlines when taking an online course.
  • Online courses typically require MORE time than seated courses.

Will you be successful in an online course? Use the links below to assess your potential:

If you have additional questions about online learning in Burke County, please contact
your school counselor, or the Burke County Distance Learning Advisor.


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