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Board of Education


Fun Sites that have nothing to do with Edu

Session Time: Wednesday, June 15 at 3:00-3:50

Ashlyn DeWitt and Angela Bradshaw




That is NOT what this session is for!  Instead, we will check out some fun (ahem...useless) websites that will leave you smiling.  For example, we'll go to a site that allows you to send an email to the "future you".  And we'll see our names on a movie marquee sign


Spend an hour exploring the FUN SIDE of the web!  (We bet you'll agree that the creators of these sites have way too much spare time on their hands!)

 Possibly useful:


AT&T Labs Natural Voices Text-To-Speech

Earth Cam

Real Time Satellite Tracking

Pretty much pointless, but who knows for sure? (fun or funny, nonetheless):

The End of the Internet
Paper Airplane Flight Simulator
Hen Cam- Life in the Coop
URBD World Records
Bad Vibes- Worst Sound in the World
The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Let Them Sing it For You
92 Visual Phenomena and Optical Illusions