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Quick & Easy

Symbaloo -


I.                    Tagxedo -

·        Free, no login required

·        Create your word cloud, refine, then save as jpg or png or save to the web - link


Visit Gallery – Daily Tagxedo – Creator’s Blog

101 Ways to Use


II.                  Avatars


·        My Avatar Editor does not require an account

Check out the Guide and Blog links at the top


Save as .mae file, can load at anytime and bring back in

Can export as jpg or png to print or use in Smart Notebook files

Can change the color of the background

To take off the background - Export as png – uncheck background



-have students make avatar for IWB activities throughout the year

-write poem about themselves – All About Mii

-Create new character – write a story

-Create detailed description, exchange, see if other person can recreate your character

-Genetics lesson in biology



·        Voki requires account


Examples: introduce and assignment or student created avatar



On Debbie’s webpage -


On Debbie’s Gaggle Blog -


New Voki Edu model – new teaching ideas, etc.

Check out the Teacher’s Corner




Audio 1-2 minutes in length

If you don’t have a headset – if can call your cell phone # and recording sounds fine

Allows typing – good for short blurps only

Offers accents




Introduce an assignment (Queen Elizabeth)

Foreign language – understand accents – speak in Spanish to students

Great for shy students to practice presenting


·        Blabberize – requires an account


Upload a picture, record a sound to make it talk



III.                  QR Codes – short for Quick Response – 2-dimensional bar code that can be easily generated and then decoded with a smart phone or other device.  When scanned/read, the QR code can activate the opening of a web page, dialing a phone number, sending an email or text message and more. 

                        QR Codes are very common in Europe and Japan and can be found on posters, signs, magazines, menus and many other places


Choose the correct one for your phone -

** Blackberry’s have a reader under the Instant Messenger icon




Creating  QR codes – find QR code generator

      Follow the on-screen prompts to generate a code


Article – Exploring QR Codes -

101 Uses for QR Codes -

QR Codes in Education Livebinder -


Ideas – Scavenger hunt around the school

Artwork in the hallway – QR code for more information

QR codes in back of library books – hold student book reports



 IV.      -

Does not require a login, unlimited space



Prepare wall "sticky notes" ahead of time from a story or video, have students sort/classify/sequence when finished on IWB

Have students leave a comment for consideration and review together

Class Suggestion Wall (plus/delta)

Put vocabulary words on a sticky note and see if students can create sentences with them (a la magnetic poetry)



Cool Sites

We Are Teachers

Great online community for teachers – technology grants, tech in the classroom, rubrics


ThinkQuest -

            Students creating inquiry projects for other students

            Ages 9-19

            Another category (K-12)


Khanacademy -

            2,100 Math/Science Tutorial Videos 

            Can post as a parent resource

            Can log in Google account and get points


Ck-12 Flexbooks -

            Customizeable free digital textbooks – can rearrange order of topics

            You can edit, add your own examples – get printed for your class

             Current focus - Middle and high school math and science, but the site is growing to include K-12


            Free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams

-          Random name pickers

o       (floppy disc icon to save the names)

o       Math Facts

o       Vocabulary words

o       50 states/capitals

-          Can embed in a webpage


SignApp Now -

Simple way to create sign up sheets, no account required.

Create a sheet, email the url

Download in Excel format after the sign up period