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Middle School Athletics Handbook


The Burke County Board of Education believes that students can benefit from involvement in athletics and that as a school system we should provide opportunities for students to be involved in positive, extra-curricular activities.  The Board recognizes that athletics is an important activity for many students and decisions concerning athletics should be based on what is in the best interest of participants.  The Board also feels that participation in athletics, as well as any other extra-curricular activity is a privilege and not a right afforded students at their respective schools.  The Burke County Board of Education believes a unified athletic program is in the best interest of the students.  The Board also believes that school administrators and coaches should be permitted to make decisions that best meet the needs of each individual student in accordance with the rules and regulations of the NC Department of Instruction, the school, and the Board.  This policy is a guide for student-athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators to demonstrate and communicate the importance of each athletic team and each student on those teams.

To all student-athletes, spectators and parents.
We urge you to support Burke County High School Athletics by:

  • Attending sporting events.
  • Lending positive support to your teams and coaches.
  • Encouraging all players without regard to their role on the team.
  • Helping other spectators and parents to maintain an appropriate sportsmanlike attitude.
  • Showing respect for the authority of the game officials.