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Guidelines for Utilizing Interpreters

1. The school or department directly contacts the interpreter/translator, utilizing the approved list of interpreters/translator.

2. The school or department will complete a feedback form for each interpreter after the interpreting assignment is completed.

3. The English as a Second Language Department will maintain the approved list of interpreters/translators. The list will show which interpreters are current school employees and those who are not. This list will be posted on the ESL website and also electronic copies will be sent to the school Principal/Assistant Principals.

4. School employees who are approved for additional duties of translating will sign in using Timekeeper and be paid through payroll. Timekeeper sheets will be sent to Lannie Simpson at West Concord for signature. A B-1 is not necessary for school employees approved for the additional duty of interpreting/translating.

5. School or Departmental Administrators will be responsible for turning in a B-1 for interpreting or translating services to the Chief Financial Officer for those interpreters who are not school employees.

6. The code to be put on a B-1 for utilizing an interpreter/translator is as follows: 2.5110.001.311.000.000.00

7. If a teacher needs to utilize an interpreter, then the teacher needs to let his/her school administrator know. The school administrator must turn in a B-1 to Finance if the interpreter is a non-school employee. The teacher or school administrator must keep documentation of the hours that the interpreter/translator works. B-1s should be turned in on a timely basis so that non-school interpreters/translators can be paid promptly.

8. The current hourly rate for interpreters/translators is $25.00/hour as of 1-16-14.

9. Translation of documents should be school-wide or district-wide documents. School/District administrators are limited to making translation requests. Please note that field trip templates and lunch notes are available on the ESL website.

10. Please be mindful that many statewide EC forms are translated into Spanish and are available in Spanish and are available on the DPI website at the following URL: NC DPI Forms

These may be updated upon request by the appropriate departments.
Interpreters/translators will be responsible for contacting families in order to set up meetings; therefore, the school personnel contacting the interpreter/translator must provide contact numbers to the interpreter/translator.