Title III Timeline

1st-9 Weeks 2nd-9 Weeks 3rd-9 Weeks 4th-9 Weeks Summer
Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May June July
Home Language Survey
Home Language Survey-English
All new students enrolled to Burke County must complete the HLS form. An ESL teacher must sign off of the HLS. Place the original HLS in the cumulative folder and a copy in the ESL red folder. Establish a procedure with your front office/school enrollment process to identify students who need to be tested with w-apt/screener.
Home Language Survey-Spanish
Home Language Survey-Hmong
LIEP Language Instruction Educational Program Services Place your ELs according to the criteria into one of the following groups (intensive, moderate, collaborative, remedial/guidance) to determine what services will be needed.
LIEP Cont'd. LIEP Classifications for K-8 Intensive, Moderate, Collaborative, and Guidance Based on ACCESS 2021
ESL Schedule ESL Schedule Template If you prefer to use your own schedule, schedules must have:
Time of service, grade, list of students (includes students on guidance and monitored former ELs), curriculum used, supplementary materials used, duration, type of service and what subject/activity students are pulled from, and collaboration
Schedules need to be submitted to the ESL office (all ESL teachers) and the school principal (except high school ESL teachers)
Annual Service Placement Letter for Students with ACCESS Scores
Annual Service Letters - English
Notify parents of all EL students' participation in the ESL program. Send home the English and Spanish/Hmong letters.
Annual Service Letters - Spanish
Annual Service Letters - Hmong
Decline of ESL Services
Decline of ESL Service Form-English
If a parent responds back and does not want their child to receive ESL services, they must sign the decline of ESL service form.
Decline of ESL Service Form-Spanish
Decline of ESL Service Form-Hmong
ACCESS Accommodations for EC-ELs EL/EC ACCESS Accommodations 2021-22 *Send a list of EC-ELs; End date of IEPs & suggested mods needed on ACCESS to EC/Speech teachers.
*Mark your calendar to attend EC-ELs' parent meetings (make sure correct tests and mods are selected)
*Check ACCESS mods in ECATs before ACCESS testing
Can-Do Descriptor Class Profile; links prompt you to make a copy; WIDA/ACCESS/Can Do/Strategies Slides for Faculty Mtg. or Grade Level Mtgs.
Pre-K to Kindergarten used for 1st graders
Provide copy of Individual Student Report and Can-Do descriptor Class Profile for grade level clusters.

Join in a
faculty meeting to present can-do descriptors/WIDA Standards to teachers or hold grade-level meetings.
Remember to get faculty signatures (grade-level meetings) or a copy of the faculty sign-in sheet Turn into ESL Office This is also the time to share EL Action Plans and collect signatures. See rows 39-40 for Action Plan links.
1st-2nd Grade used for 2nd and 3rd graders
3rd-5th Grade used for 4th-6th graders
6th-8th Grade used for 7th-9th graders
9th-12th Grade used for 10th-12th graders
Slides for WIDA Standards; EL Action Plans; Can Dos; Strategies
PowerSchool Make sure you have school administrator rights.
Language Goals Language Goal Template (Google Slide) *Set language goals with ELs; Place in each ELs digital portfolio folder. Review language goals with your student at the end of 1st & 2nd semester.
Student Portfolio Create a Google folder for each student OR the ESL Office will provide folders or notebooks at your request Put dated writing samples, exit tickets, recording of student reading, Flipgrid responses, graphic organizers, etc. in EL Student digital portfolio. or paper-based notebook or folder
W-APT Kinder-1st Sem 1st Grade Request Paper WAPT Tests from the ESL Office *Test newly enrolled Kinders and 1st semester 1st graders within 30 days from enrollment date at the beginning of the year & 14 days from enrollment date throughout the rest of the school year to determine English Learner Status
*Send parent notification of W-APT scores.
WIDA Screener
2nd Sem 1st Grade-12th Grade
Set up Screener Tests in WIDA-AMS; for grades 1-3, use WIDA Screener paper-based writing test; request from ESL Office if you need more tests. *Test any newly enrolled students grades 2-12 from non-WIDA states or other countries within 30 days from enrollment date at the beginning of the year & 14 days from enrollment date throughout the rest of the school year to determine English Learner Status
*Send parent notification of Screener scores.
Parent Letters
Parent Notification of W-APT/Screener Letter-English
Classified Current EL
Parent Notification of W-APT/Screener Letter-Spanish
Never EL Parent Letter-English
Classified Never EL
Never EL Parent Letter-Spanish
Never EL Parent Letter-Hmong
Pre-K Testing The ESL Office will handle PreK testing. *Send HLS of students to be tested to the ESL office.
*Send parent notification of Woodcock-Munoz test scores.
EL Accommodations Charts
EL Accommodations Chart (pdf)
*Determine state testing accommodations for EL students for 2021-22
(Must score <5.0 Reading on most recent ACESS/WIDA Screener)
*Complete one for all ELs in grades 3-12.
-High School (Complete one for each semester. Due Sept. & Jan.)
-Send either digital or paper (pink) EL Accommodations Charts to the ESL
-Send one set to your Testing Coordinator.
-Send one to the classroom teacher.
EL Accommodations Chart with Review of Accommodations
(Google Sheet)
Parent Letters
Parent Accommodation Letter-English
* Send parent accommodations letter home once accommodations are

* *Send parent accommodations letter home if accommodations are
changed/new students are added or for High School 2nd semester
***Ensure accommodations are in place for end of year testing.
* ** ***
Parent Accommodation Letter-Spanish * ** ***
Parent Accommodation Letter-Hmong * ** ***
Refusal of testing Accommodation-ENG
*Send to parent if student refuses to use accommodations.
Refusal of testing Accommodation-SPA
EL Action Plan EL Action Plan 2021-22 PDF *Send a copy/reshare digital Action Plans for all ELs to ESL Office.
*Copy in Red Folder.
*Copy to classroom teachers.
Due Sept. 30th
EL Digital Action Plans *Open folder; find your school; Add missing information; Complete action plans
Monitored Former ELs
MFELs Schedule Review Yr. 1-4 exited ELs' grades. Meet with teachers. Provide interventions if needed.
Monitored Former EL (MFEL) Monitoring Form The ESL office will share the school folder with you (MFELs' Forms, Quick Lookup Grades).
EL Student Digital Portfolio Create a digital platform (file folder, Google Classroom, Google Drive, etc.) to collect ELs work. Put dated writing samples, exit tickets, recording of student reading, Flipgrid responses, graphic organizers, etc. in EL Student digital portfolio.
October 1 Headcount ESL Office will send a spreadsheet for you to verify.
*Check the spreadsheet and note any withdrawn/add missing ELs.
*Date and sign spreadsheet & return to the ESL Office
Tier Placement for Alternate ACCESS test ESL Office will notify you if you have Alt. ACCESS testers Verify tier placement for Alternate ACCESS test/any student who meets the 3 criteria for Alt. ACCESS: Score < 2 overall on most recent ACCESS/Screener; on extended content standards; has significant cognitive disability.
Parent-Teacher Conferences ACCESS Parent Meetings Meet with parents. (*Remember to have a parent-sign in sheet)
Inform Parents with ELs' ACCESS Scores and EL Services; or you may schedule when you would like.
Parental/Community Involvement Send agendas & documents to verify promotion of parental/community involvement
Reclassification Parent Reclassification Letter-ENG We have all year to reclassify a student.
These are case by case scenarios.
Parent Reclassification Letter-SPA Reclassification is for exited students who still struggle mightily and you are convinced it is still language; you must clear with ESL Office before testing
Parent Reclassification Letter-Hmong
Retention Consult with teachers of elementary ELs recommended for retention.
ACCESS 2.0 Training: Jan 19 & 20, 2022 ACCESS 2.0 Grades 1-12 training on Jan. 19, 2022
Kinder ACCESS training on Jan. 20, 2022
ACCESS Testing Schedule Send ACCESS Testing Schedule to the ESL office
ACCESS Testing Parent Notification-ENG
ACCESS Testing Parent Notification-SPA
ACCESS Testing Parent Notification-HMG
ACCESS Testing Window
January 24 - March 11, 2022
Immigrant Headcount ESL office will send a spreadsheet. Verify immigrant headcount and send to the ESL office.
High School Hand-Schedules Hand-schedule ELs in high school classes; ESL office schedules incoming 9th graders
Word-to-Word Dictionaries Ensure your inventory of bilingual word-to-word dictionaries matches the # of ELs that you checked bilingual dictionary on their pink EL Accommodations Charts
Parent Survey
Parent Survey Google Form
Send home in backpacks (take home Tuesday Folders); table at Spring Flings. Upper grades: Give to 1st Period or Homeroom teachers for students to take home with a note to return to ESL box (if completing paper surveys).
Parent Survey Letter
EL Parent Task Force The ESL Office will hold this meeting.
Title III Status Meeting Teacher input on development of the Title III Grant
EL PD Faculty Grade-Level Department Meeting Google Survey ESL Department will send form.
Complete form and submit dates and signatures of meetings.
2022 ACCESS 2.0 Pick up 2022 ACCESS 2.0 individual student reports and parent letters to send home. ESL office will email you when it is ready.
Parent Letters for Exited Students
Exit Letter from Spring 2022 ACCESS-ENG
Send home parent letters for ELs who exited based on their 2022 ACCESS scores.
Exit Letter from Spring 2022 ACCESS-SPA
Exit Letter from Spring 2022 ACCESS-HMG
Annual Score Analysis Meeting 6/6/2022 Receive notebooks/digital notebooks.
End of Year Red Folder Transition Meetings 6/6/2022 Transition for grades 5 & 8
Bring red folders (current, exited, & never)
Include student sample work
Make sure all red folders are up to date (check checklist in red folder)
Red Folders Red Folder Checklist Make sure all red folders are up to date (check checklist in red folder), Complete Student Information Sheet & Contact Log for the year.
Send ALL MOVED (includes Never, Current, Exited) red folders to the ESL office; The ESL office will send red folders to the correct school
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