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Transfer Application

April 8th - May 17th, 2024 - Transfer application period opens

  • Fee reduced to $50.00 for early submission of Request for Transfer applications.
  • Transfer requests submitted after May 17th, will require a fee of $100. 
  • Fees must be paid before transfer requests will be processed. 
  • This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, and does NOT guarantee approval.
  • Only one transfer processing fee per school is required.
  • The transfer processing fee is required for students entering Kindergarten, even if an older sibling already attends on an approved transfer. 
  • All rising 6th and 9th graders currently on an approved transfer who wish to remain in the same school feeder pattern, must complete a new Request for Transfer for middle and high school.  The non-refundable fee must be paid before the request will be processed, and does not guarantee approval.

At this time, the following schools are NOT open to new transfers:          

  • Heritage Middle School (closed for 6th graders)
  • Mt. View Elementary
  • North Liberty School
  • Liberty Middle School (closed only for 8th graders)
  • Freedom High School
  • BCPS Self-Contained Classrooms

 *Please be advised that additional schools or grade levels may be closed to transfers during the year due to class size.


Students residing outside of Burke County must also complete a release form from their home school district.