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No Vaping at School

No Vaping at School

Morganton, NC – Friday, Aug. 18, 2023

Burke County Public Schools students will be required to follow a new no vaping policy when school starts on Aug. 28. Vaping and vaping paraphernalia are not permitted in Burke County Public Schools buildings or on grounds, on buses, or during school-sponsored activities off campus. 

The new policy sets consequences for students found vaping or with vapes and paraphernalia, including cartridges and e-liquids. The first and any subsequent offenses call for the vape and/or paraphernalia to be confiscated and for the student to be enrolled in a cessation program. The first offense also is punishable by three days in-school suspension; the second offense is punishable by up to three days of out-of-school suspension; the third offense is punishable by up to five days of out-of-school suspension plus a more intensive cessation program; and the fourth offense is punishable by up to 10 days of out-of-school suspension with recommendation for long-term suspension. 

Burke County Public Schools Board of Education Chairwoman Wendi Craven said, “Unfortunately, with the allure of vaping and the fruity flavors marketed to our young people, we started to see an increase in use in our schools over the past few years. Our board adopted this anti-vaping policy in hopes of deterring the unhealthy activity, and to my knowledge it is the only stand-alone vaping policy of its kind in the state. We want all of our students to learn and grow in a safe, healthy environment and therefore we have adopted this new policy against vaping.” 

Burke County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Swan said, “Just like the new cell phone policy we rolled out at the start of last school year, this anti-vaping policy will be strictly enforced by school staff. We are grateful for the support of our Board of Education on this policy. It sends a strong message to our students that inhaling chemicals and unknown substances is not acceptable behavior at school, is disruptive to the school day and there are consequences.” 

The new policy can be found under 4325 and 4320-R in the district's policy manual.


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