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Poet holds workshop, poetry slam at East Burke High School

Poet holds workshop, poetry slam at East Burke High School

Phillip Shabazz, a poet, author and teaching artist, was a special guest at East Burke High School recently for a poetry workshop in four English classes. In the workshops, he taught students different forms of poetry and challenged the students to get out of their comfort zones when writing. Shabazz hopes that students learn to empower themselves using their own words and expressions.

Through the week-long workshop, each student worked on a self-written poem to read at the poetry slam contest. Each class was awarded first-, second-, third-place and honorable mentions plus a poet’s award from Shabazz and a teacher’s award from their English teacher. The following students were awarded for their poems:

Mrs. Greene’s Class:
First Place: Dautry R.; Second Place: Axel S.; Third Place: Jordan F.; Honorable Mentions: Juan G., Stormi W., Alyssa W.; Poet’s Award: Kelli F.; Teacher’s Award: Shelly F.

Mrs. Greene and Mr. Sutton’s Class:
First Place: Kayne B.; Second Place: Caroline F.; Third Place: Dalton B.; Honorable Mentions: Brandi S., Shawn T., Ebony H.; Poet’s Award: Corena F.; Teacher’s Award: Lily E.

Ms. Morgan’s Class:
First Place: Camara H.; Second Place: Archer B.; Third Place: Autumn M.; Honorable Mentions: Tyler B., Brayden S.; Poet’s Award: Destiny T.; Teacher’s Award: Logan B.

Ms. Clay’s Class:
First Place: Rylan B.; Second Place: DJ W.; Third Place: Karlie C.; Honorable Mentions: Bella C., Sarah S.; Poet’s Award: Brandon L.; Teacher’s Award: Cerah K.

Burke County Public Schools and East Burke High School are appreciative of the Burke Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Council for helping to make this possible through the use of a grant. This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.